Saturday, January 1

Happy New Year!!!

What did you do last night? Go out? Party with friends? Stay in? Us? We stayed home. I made dinner, then we celebrated by having some of my new favorite little homemade treats... Cake Pops & Cake Bites! These bite size little treats are delicious!!! They are as much fun to eat as they are to make!!! Rainee and Steve can't get enough of them!!! I think I'll be making more today!

Thank you all for sharing in my life. I hope your new year is filled with possibilities... with new and wondrous things! I hope you find delight in every little blessing which comes your way and you leave the worries behind. I pray you are blessed with daily joys and you dreams are fulfilled.... Happy New Year!!!



JustJoan said...

Happy New Year Michelle!!!
xo Joan

Diana Fisher said...

Happy New Year, and those look tasty!!!

Karen said...

Sending the Happiest New Years Wishes your way! <3