Monday, January 25

Weekly Gratitude...

Nothing. I am grateful this week for having nothing to do. Not one thing. It’s so needed and much overdue. No deadlines, not appointments (yet), no play dates, no specific errands. Nothing... and hoping or a log of it!

It's not always easy to take it easy... I tend to feel the need to fill my time with housework, business stuff or play dates for Rainee. But not this week... this week will be filled with the joy of being spontaneous and free of commitments. A time for our family to relax, watch movies, play together and refresh our spirits.

What are some of the "nothing things" you like to do??? Us? Watch movies in the dark and pretend we're at the theater with popcorn... playing with cars and racing them down the hall... playing Star Wars... digging in the dirt... scrapbooking of course... making valentines... going to the park... riding bikes... and we have to have pancakes for dinner!!! These are all subject to how we feel! An easy week... doing nothing doesn't come around often... so it's time to enjoy every second! Sometimes allowing yourself the gift of doing nothing can be a very good thing.


deana said...

NOTHING sounds great! Enjoy your week!


Jana said...

I love your weekly gratitude project!! LOoking forward to the next one!