Tuesday, September 1

Welcome September!

What does September bring to you? For me it brings... the first day of Kindergarten for Rainee, the beautiful colors of Chrysanthemums, candy apples, crisp nights just right for the crackling of a nice warm fire, sweater weather is coming, Starbucks pumpkin lattes, home bake breads of any kind... and the bright colored leaves that crunch when you walk... ahhh September.

This year it's a bittersweet thing for me, because it means my daughter is growing up... no longer is she home most days with daddy & mommy... happily playing, she will now start her first day of school... plus this is her last summer before she begins the 'real life'... of schedules, going to bed & getting up early... and homework.

September leaves behind a summer filled with those easy afternoons, swimming in the pool, playing in the backyard with Champ, story time at the library, spontaneous trips to the beach and the lovely pleasure of schedule-free days. Summer is over... it's time to welcome fall!

And although I have conflicting emotions... I am looking forward to the cooler temperature, putting on a sweater, drinking hot chocolate, the smell of cinnamon everywhere.... and the holidays it leads us into... so welcome you properly... I say welcome September with a lovely cup of cinnamon tea...

May this first day of month lead you into a wonderful fall season. Happy September 1st!


Jen said...

So well written. I know that feeling of my kids growing up. It is bittersweet. Your description of fall makes me want to put on a sweater, rake leaves, jump in them, carve a pumpkin or two and drink hot chocolate. Ah, Michelle...you know how to set the mood. ;D Thanks for sharing your life with us.

JustJoan said...

I am so ready for September and all these wonderful things. I'm so excited for Rainee starting kindergarten...you will post pictures I hope. Happy Sept. 1st!
Love, Joan

deana said...

Time certainly flies, but you just don't realize HOW FAST it really flies by until you have kids. Fall is my very favorite time of the year, minus back-to-school time. I miss Bryn so much when she's at school. If only we could just stop time for awhile, right? :-)

That said, you will manage to fill up your day & enjoy your YOU time! :-)

Best wishes on the first day. A few Kleenex might help! :-)

Hugs ♥...

Lizard said...

Wow, how fast does all go by. Well I wish you & Rainee the best to come. So Kinder wow as I've said before she is such a big girl. Well now she will have the excitement of Champ running up to her & letting her know that he missed her. Wow, what new exciteing things to come. I also welcome the cooler weather. Yeah for the smell of fall & winter. :-)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Happy September!!!!! i loveeeeeeeeeeeee this post....soooooooo....I can't even put into words how it makes me feel! Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that PHOTO! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Cerise Welter said...

Dear Michelle,

September reminds me of what you've just described. My daughter will be 31 today and asked me yesterday to share her birthday with her. She wanted to know about how her birthday was back all those years ago. It's funny how your forget a lot of the details, the pain, but you remember the sweet stuff IF you work on remembering it.

Scrapbooking is the best way of capturing sweet moments in time. I also scrap some of the harder ones. Perhaps you might consider scrapping "Letting Go" and the first steps of it. Our children are lent to us by God in the first place. I learned that at the death of my son. We still protect our babies that survive, but daily as they mature we learn to let go and put them in God's hands.

May He walk you through all the letting go you have to do in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.


Karen said...

Beautifully written, my friend. Just beautiful! Hugs to you!