Sunday, August 16

Roaring Good Time!!!

Our mini vacation to the San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park was a roaring good time! We had originally planned on going to the San Diego Zoo... but Dinosaur Mountain was at the Wild Animal Park, and Rainee loves dinosaurs... so I guess the Zoo will be for another time...

We saw so many animals it was amazing! We did a lot (and I do mean a lot) of walking. I wasn't sure I'd get my exercise in for the day but I think I got in enough for the last few days as well. We picked the perfect day to go... it wasn't too hot, and we seemed to do everything just at the right time... when all the animals were active.

The dinosaur ride, monkeys and gorillas were Rainee favorite things. After the first time on the dinosaur ride she said, 'You'll never get me on that thing again! Feel my heart, it's pounding!' then not 10 minutes later... she said, 'Daddy, can you and me go again! Oh, did I forget to say... please & thank you! Please, daddy, please?' Of course they went again... how can you resist that cute please & thank you! Me? Me, I loved the giraffes. They are so beautiful... tall, calm and very restful just enjoying the day. As for Steve... he has a thing for elephants... so of course enjoyed seeing them... there were several baby elephants... and it was fun watching them get splashed with water by their mamma! Very sweet!

If you've never been to the San Diego Wild Animal Park, I would encourage you to go... there is so much to see... It really is a fun place... we had a wonderful day!

Now I can't wait to get scrapping all the fun pictures. Thanks again for stopping by and leaving your lovely comments, they are always so appreciated!!! Have a blessed day!


TiaKeas said...

Having family time is the greatest time there is. I enjoy seeing the excitement in a child's face when they see something new. Rainee'e face shows happiness all the time.
Thanks for the bloggs.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

AWESOME photos....and well...I was gonna say that I HAVE.....but I have to change that to I DID :( have a photo of my kids in front of that gorilla statue too....but sadly....all my photo CD's were stolen in the break in!!! Bummer!!! I am HAPPY U had a GREAT TIME! :):):):):):):):):):):)

deana said...

Fun, fun, FUN! ♥ all your photos... so cute! Sounds like you had a GREAT time, as did we! In our case, though, it was blazin' HOT that day, so it made all the walking we did... that much MORE fun! LOL! :-)

Hope you're feeling better so you can start scrapping all those cute photos! :-)

Karen said...

What a sweet family pic! {{love it}} !! TFS!