Saturday, August 29


It's been one of those weeks where we just happened to get a lot of packages in the mail. I love getting packages... and Rainee really enjoys the surprise of a letter or package... The first package this week was her fabulously cool converse plaid hi-tops... they're the bomb! She picked them out... she wanted them because they are like the shoes Joe Jonas wears.... too cute!!!

I got my Ali Edwards 'new stamps' from with the Gift Certificate I received for my {favorite} flowers layout @ TheseAreAFewOfMyFavoriteThings... favorite flower challenge.... I love love love them... I've already used them... thank you again so much for choosing my layout!!! I'm still in shock!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

My husband got this catalog... for Harley Davidson he's been drooling over ever since he received it from the post-lady... ridiculous...

And lastly I received the most lovely framed 'Paris' piece from my friend Pam at OneGalsTrash. It couldn't be more perfect for my home.

Back in March I joined in a MEME Pam had posted... The first 5 people to respond to her post would receive something special... especially made for them, by her... and they would receive it before the end of the year... and this... this is mine... and I simply love it!!! My front bathroom is done in a 'Paris theme'... original 1940 watercolor paintings of Paris... which I adore... plates I received from friend who were living in Paris when they gave them to me... memento's from my trip to Paris... it's my little Paris (even if it is my bathroom). So when this particular package came in the mail... Rainee was the first to make the decision of where it would have a happy home... she said "It just goes so perfectly here doesn't it, mom?" Now... with it in it's happy new home, I am reminded that I need to get my act together and get my 5 special 'somethings' out... before the end of the year!!! Anyway... thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Pam!.. I love love love it!!!

What are some things you like getting in the mail, I know it can't be bills? What's been your recent favorite? Well, I'm off to get the post to see if there are any more fun things in my mailbox... have a lovely weekend and thanks so much for stopping by!!!


Jill W. said...

love that pic. & frame!! too cute. I too love packages in the mail but we very rarely get them. My favorite package this month was my grandson was "delivered" on August 13 weighing in at 9.2lbs.!!
Have a great week!!

EverydayMe said...

Jill, I think the you got the best package of all.... babies... how wonderful!!! Enjoy every moment!!!

Chris said...

Your happy mail is the best! what a lovely piece of are and how well it will go with your Parisian theme. Just love your layout in the earlier posting.

deana said...

GREAT "happy mail!" Can't wait to see what you create with the stamps! :-)

I ♥ receiving packages of things I've purchased online, I ♥ magazines & I ♥ to receive cards & letters! :-)

Jana said...

You see's like a chain reaction: I starded to scarp after seeing your videos and now I entered for the fav movie challenge and I see that you are bringing me luck.
Hope you'll get many packeges in your mail and that will make your life special!!!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I am LOVING what U got in the MAIL!!! YAY! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Lizard said...

Yeah, Pam did hit home w/the gift she gave you. I do recall your bathroom theme being Paris. I love it. Love to hear all the things Rainee has to say, she's such a big girl at heart. I miss you both so very much. Lots of fun getting cards in the mail for me. I once got a book marker from one of my friends from church and that was a huge surprise for me. I loved it. No special occasion just cuz she wanted me to have it. I love getting stuff in mail as well. Lizzy