Monday, August 10

The Dentist + Creative Imagination CHA Layouts

Yesterday, Rainee woke up with a toothache... her filling had fallen out earlier in the week and we'd made an appointment.... but the dentist was on vacation... and the tooth (of course) wasn't going to wait for the appointment... so I was up most of the night with my poor little Rainee-bear and her sore mouth. Poor thing!!!

Rainee is usually a-okay with going to the dentist... we have the best-est dentist EVER - (more about him later)... and she is always asking when can she go again! BUT today, when she found out Dr. Valedez was on vacation and she was going to have to see another dentist... she freaked out!!!! (I would of too!)... So Steve, Rainee, her stuffed animal "Doggie" and I sat her down and prayed... she felt better after that... BUT when we go the the office... she freaked out AGAIN... and we prayed AGAIN!!!

So there we are in the office of this dentist, we don't know... I'm filling out paper work as best I can with her on my lap... we finish... they call us in... He lets her sit on my lap... he takes a look at her tooth and says... it's infected, she needs to be on antibiotics... Rainee went to get a toy from the treasure chest... and then we left. It took me more time to fill out the paper work than for the whole visit!! When we got in the car... Rainee says, 'Thank you, Jesus... that was the best dentist appointment EVER!!! Mom, I'm so happy we prayed... because Jesus knew I couldn't handle having anyone but Dr. Valdez take care of my teeth!' Okay, so how sweet is that?

Now for our fabulous dentist... if you've never heard of his type of dentistry... you should check this out in your area... he does laser... it's amazing!!! And yes, I said laser! Let me say again, it's amazing!!! While the laser is going, it has a water shooting water at the same time it's taking care of your tooth... and the BEST PART.... there is no Novocaine shots... the laser numbs the area a bit while it's working... then the dentist fills the tooth... and you walk out without that embarrassing drool rolling down the side of your mouth, plus you won't bite your tongue when you talk!!! WHoooo HOOOooo!!! It's the bomb - really!!!

We found Dr. Valdez when Rainee was 3... and we were feeling a bit guilty that she hadn't been to the dentist yet... and we heard about him and his amazing laser dentistry... so we just had to try it... I for one am the happiest I've ever been with a dentist and it's nice to hear Rainee say... she can't wait till she can go again.... it's helped with one of those scary parenting things you HAVE TO DO.

Okay, so enough about my fabulous dentist... I don't know why I forgot o post the layouts Creative Imaginations asked me to do for CHA. I had such a great time with these products... If I were doing them for myself I would probably add a few other things from other lines... but I couldn't... I was only allowed to use plain paper, generic things... Plus I was able to use my Cricut, and a few punches.... otherwise it's pretty much just the product line. I really enjoyed doing this for them... I hope I can do more some time!

This first one, I fell in love with... the school line... it's soooooo fun!!! This line has paper and embellishments for Preschool through 6th grade.... I had a blast with it.... plus I had a really good subject to scrap... my cute little Rainee!

The next line, is their new Birthday paper and embellishments... too fun... loved it... I only used a smidgen of what the line has... very fun, very bright, very festive!!!

And lastly... they have a new 4-H line. It was fun doing it with a photo of Rainee from our time at Tom's Farms to pet the goats... well, there they are!!!

Well, that's it for me for a few day... we're off to San Diego either to the zoo or the wild animal park... doesn't matter which one... Just like Rainee, I've never been to a zoo (ever) or the wild animal park... I know, I know I was a deprived child... so this will be a blast!!! Can't wait!!! Whoooo HOOOooo!!! I hope you have a 'roaring' couple of days... and I'll post some pictures when we get back... have a lovely few days... and as always thank you sooooooooooooo much for your lovely comments and stopping by!!! {{BIG HUGS}} M


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Well....bummer about the paperwork...but glad she knew that Jesus helped her get through her Dentist appointment! :):):):):):) And those LO's are WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):):)

deana said...

That is the cutest story ever.

And where was Dr Valdez when I had my root canal??? I needed him.

Have FUN in San Diego!!!! Can't wait to see what you've chosen to do... I have not yet been to their zoo, but I know you canNOT go wrong with the Wild Animal Park! :-)

Hugs ♥...

deana said...

VERY cute LO's, too, by the way! :-)

Gingerbread Girl said...

Dear Sweet Rainee,
I know about praying to Jesus for help. This week I have to have a tooth taken out. This will be my 4th one this year. I am so sad. The only thing that has helped me has been prayer. You have the best-est mommy and daddy in the world. I love you Rainee! You are so brave. Hugs- Joyce the Gingerbread Girl.

Gingerbread Girl said...

Hi Michelle! Thank you for sharing the sweet story about Rainee and the dentist. Your layouts are so outstanding, as usual. Have a wonderful time at the zoo. Take lotsa photos, OK! {{{Hugs}}} Joyce

TiaKeas said...

Michelle I want to thank you for your wonderful layouts and stories about Rainee and your days. I am just home from the hospital and have been having the blues and reading your story has perked me up. My grandchildren are all out of state so I miss having little ones around.
Give Rainee a big hug and kiss for me.

MJ said...

Lasers?...Brilliant! I think I could go for that as well. Lucky Rainee. Very cute pages, by the way & love the bandana :-)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Girl.......get ur butt over to our fave things blog! U fave flower lo won our challenge! Congrats! :):):):):):):):):)