Thursday, June 4

Vacation's Are Wonderful, But It's Good To Be Home!

Well, vacation is over and it's time to start getting back to our every day life again. I don't know if this happens to you after your vacation, that you actually need a vacation from the vacation. This is where we're at... we're all a bit tired, taking naps and laz-ing around, it's been very helpful to get us all back to normal.

As for our vacation... we couldn't have asked for better weather... it was in the 70's & 80's... with a few light showers.... and well one rainstorm we could have done without... but we were traveling that day, so the only thing it effected was how long it took us to get from one place to another. But over all it was a wonderful vacation.

Seeing my dad was the best! He hasn't been too well of late, but when we got there he looked much better than expected. Praise God. And Rainee... she was soooooo happy to see her papa, it was a beautiful sight to see them together.... chatting and playing with her toys... it brought tears to my eyes.

The whole trip was fabulous, but there was only one thing I felt bad about... we were driving WHOLE DAY on Rainee's birthday! Our trip was planned so last minute that it wasn't until Steve and I both thought about it, that we realized we'd be driving on her birthday... but she was a real trooper!!! We gave her plenty to do to keep her busy... what with movies, games, books, coloring, toys, watching for deer, cows & pheasants, shopping for a special birthday treat and of course there was ice cream! It may not have been the best way to spend her day, but she didn't complain. We did however have a 5th birthday dinner with papa and cousin Ronnie the night before... and of course we had cake!! And papa helped her blow out her candles!

We traveled from one end of the state to the other... First to see my dad in Roslyn/Grenville then over to Rapid City to see Mount Rushmore. The last time I was there, I was in high school and it was pretty much just dirt all around and this amazing sight of Mt. Rushmore. But now... now, they've made it into a proper monument... At every turn you can get a different view... it was breathtaking! I think I must have taken nearly 300 pictures of just the monument.

After our time with my cousin Gary, we were back on the road to Roslyn/Grenville to be back with my dad. There, we spent lazy days with my dad... taking walks, having an afternoon nap, and picking dandelion bouquets to make wishes on.

It really was the best vacation we could of asked for... It was hard for me to leave my dad, I miss him soooooo much, but I do know he's in good hands... another reason to Praise God.

Weather you're right next door or far away from a loved one, I hope you get the opportunity to share some everyday moments with them real soon, they really are the most delightful way to spend the day!!


Jen said...


Gingerbread Girl said...

Welcome Home Rainee and Michelle!
yep, ya always need one extra day of vacation for recovery. BTW, Your Dad looks like one awesome Pa! - Joyce

Karen said...

What a treat to read this blog entry! Sounds like a wonderful vacation filled with special memories! A BIG happy birthday to Rainee from Maine! :)

Frogs-n-Butterflies said...

WOW, Miss Rainee, I didn't know you were FIVE!!! Hope you all had a super great vacation! Love all of these pictures! Get some rest girlies!!! :)Cheri

Lizard said...

WOW!! What can i say, you brought tears to me. Not only by seeing Rainee's papa and her together but w/the words you put together to discribe your feelings and emotions. Yes God is good!! Let us not forget that. Thanks 4 shareing w/us all. Lots of Love, Lizzy

Jana said...

I missed you too and this little story is just so special. You have great memories and plenty special momets to remember. Welcome back home!!!

Cerise Welter said...

I don't think I've ever seen that many dandelions in one place. I bet Rainee had a blast blowing them into the beautiful skies of S. Dakota.

I know how hard it is to be away from parents who are growing older and so far away.

Glad he was doing well when you saw him.

How awesome Rainee is 5. She is growing up as fast as my grandkids.


MJ said...

So glad you got to see your Dad... Such a nice picture of him with Rainee. All your photos of the trip are beautiful - nicely done! We just got back from AZ & I'm exhausted! :-)