Tuesday, June 9

Jillibean Soup!

Whoo hoo!!! Today, some of my work is showcased on Jillibean Soup blog as part of their Wednesday Soup Spotting feature!! How fab is that? Their paper is so playful & the journaling 'little sprouts' are just the cutest!!! Check it out... and let me know if you fall in love too!!

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Jill W. said...

Wow, oh Wow, oh Wow!!! I just "finally" figured it out!! The shoe, the shoe....it's yours!!!
okay sorry, I will take a deep breath now...lol
Super, duper cute...don't loose that template for the shoe, believe me there will come a party in the near future, a sleep over, a birthday party, an afternoon playdate where the girls can have a Cinderella dress-up party!!
You think shoes aren't important, just ask Cinderella....heheheee
Have a great weekend.