Thursday, October 2

What the heck is that... and some freebies

Well, the next video will be out soon - I've been working on it... but with a bit of a backache the last couple of weeks, it's put me behind... AGAIN... what the heck is that... just when I think I can handle the stress of this drive and the changes it's brought to my lfe... something happens... so, I'm really ready to have things back to normal again...

Here's a couple of freebies to get you through til I post again... and the video comes out... hope you enjoy them... have a wonderful day!!!


Ayelet mac said...

I just followd your link from youtube :-) "making cupcakes!
Its my birthday today, and I was looking for some ideas, to get me to sit down and use my lovely birthday presy, I got from my hubby and my little girl, LOADS of stamps and paper!
Anyway. I LOVE your blog, very inspiring (not sure this is how you spell this, but Im from israel, living in the UK, so my english could get better... it hasnt for the last 8 years, but it must be my age! lol).
Thank you:-)

Moonpig said...

Wow, I have always loved stationary and pretty paper and have only just discovered scrapbooking. I have set up a little nook in my house dedicated to scrapbooking and have bought lots of supplies. I am a bit of an internet freak and so have been trawling you-tube for something useful so that i can get started...

Thanks so much for your videos, its great to be able to see the actual steps you take so I can reproduce. I just watched the embossing video and i love how you linked the letters together with ribbon. Do you have somewhere that you buy all your ribbon from?

I have a question about the wax crayon video, you place the crayon between 2 sheet of greaseproof paper and melt them, do you then remove the paper to apply to your page or do you need to leave the greaseproof paper attached on your final page?

Your daughter is so cute. Would love to see more videos, how long have you been doing them? Am off now to check out your website.



Sofi_79 said...

I just found you on youtube and I´ll be watching from Sweden. Have a nice day.

Jeanettte said...

I love your videos. Cant wait for the next one.
have a good week.