Thursday, April 14

Tissue Paper Blooms...

While I was helping out in my daughters class with tissue paper... I was thinking what a great material to make a flower bloom for card and my scrapbooking. So I came home and started playing around with tissue paper... and here's what I came up with. For this flower I used: 
1. 3 different shades of Tissue Paper.
2. Round objects (or templates) for 4 circle sizes.
3. A pencil.
4. A pair of scissors.
5. Glue dots.
6. Flower Centers - I used Pearl stickers
Making 4 different size circles. Trace your circles onto several layers of tissue paper... then cut out your circles.
Using 4 tissues... one from each of the 4 different size circles. Layer the circles... changing colors for each layer (I started & ended with the same color). Then place glue dots on the backs of the top 3 layers.
With glue dot tissue paper stacks... put on the center of your bloom. 

Crinkle the tissue paper. 

Start to open, then smash it up some more... the more crinkles the better.
Open up and fluff up each layer, until it exactly as you want your bloom.

And here's one of my bloom on a card. Enjoy!


JustJoan said...

Fabulous!! I'm going to try simple and beautiful.

Hanneke said...

Bummer I couldn't see the photo's, but I know they are beautiful!!

Kelly Massman said...

I can't see the photos--and I'm interested for sure!
:-( I tried two different browsers!

paperpapier said...

i can't see any photo at all. would love to see the picture. I came from Inspirational blog.