Wednesday, December 15

What's Your Favorite...

2010 Scrapbook Layout, Card or Project?? Is our challenge over at TAAFOMFT. I love looking back on the layouts I've done... I take pleasure in looking at the past year's memories and I'm always awe struck at the changes I see in my daughter and how much she's grown.

For this challenge I've chosen "My Little Bug" as my favorite layout of 2010. It's a favorite for many reasons.... I like how this layout came out... but I also love this photo of Rainee and I love love love  the memory attached to it!!

If you know my daughter at all you know she's a love bug. She at any time during the day is saying "Mommy, I love you!"... or is invariably asking for a hug & kiss... and I love love love it!!! It's one of those childhood things I don't ever ever ever want to stop. But I also know eventually as she grows older I won't hear those words quite as often or receive those hugs & kisses at the drop of a hat... so I'm cherishing every one of them now... I'm holding on them... because they are precious... and I don't ever want to take one of them for granted. So, for many many many reason this layout is more than just my favorite... it is also one of my most favorite things about my daughter I don't want to EVER end.

Okay, so what is your favorite??? What layout, card or project have you done this last year that every time you look at it, it takes your breath away... because of the design or the memories it holds. We'd love to see it!!!! So hop over to TAAFOMFT and share it with us!!! While over there you're going to love love love checking out what the DT has chosen as their favorites for this challenge from all the wonderful works they've done all year. Come on over... we'd can't wait to see your favorite!!


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