Friday, December 17

What We've Been Up To...

Life around here gets so busy at the holiday season... that I don't seem to have time for the things I love doing - things which keep me sane on a daily basis like... talking to my sister... scrapping... blogging... and visiting my favorite blogs... soooooooo please forgive me for the laps in my posts and my comments on your blog... life gets crazy!

Now that all the PTA fund raisers are finished... Rainee's class Christmas projects are finished... her class party will be over today... and all my shopping is finished... I'm hoping to be able to start blogging again and get one post done a day!!! I'm crossing my fingers!!! I have to catch up on my Weekly Gratitude posts.. but it's a good thing I have a journal going on that so I can get those posts done!!!

So as for what's been going on around our hectic home??? I thought I'd share a few things...

Make Christmas Tree Pizza's... This was such fun... Rainee got a blast out of punching the dough and making the tree shape... this was one yummy dinner!

Making Ice Cream Snowmen - This was one of our holiday things to do... Rainee had a blast making this little guy...

Helping daddy with the Christmas lights... well, not really... mostly playing with the ladder as a Santa Sleigh with all her stuffed animals... so cute!!!

Making SnickerDoodles.... a holiday favorite around our house!!!!

Helping with the PTA fund raiser... and loading up the Goodwill Truck.... this was such a great way to make money for the school field trips... happy to say we made $2300.00 in an afternoon... Thank you Goodwill for such a great way to help our school!!!

As a surprise for Rainee... Steve and I decorated Rainee's room with lights, a mini tree and lots of other Christmas things.... it was so fun watching her get excited about her holiday room!

Making the class Christmas gift with the kids in Rainee's class... They had such fun painting and stamping....

Raking leaves and jumping in them... We don't have snow... but our big beautiful tree sheds a lot of leaves... so we're constantly raking them up... and Rainee... well, she's having fun jumping the the pile... weeeeeeeeeeeee!

Playing card games and watching movies on the portable DVD player... when the power was out for servicing... it was a whole day without electricity... no Internet... no cooking... no laundry. Thank goodness the batteries on the DVD player and computer were charged so we could watch movies.... so glad it was only one day!!!

Playing Christmas Charades... Charades is one of our most favorite things to do as a family... Rainee's really good at it...  such fun!!!

More baking... this time... Chai-Kissed ChocoDoodles... yum yum yum!

Well, that is just a few things we've been doing around here - I'll share more later... have a lovely lovely day... happy Friday!



Moira said...

Hey SIS,
I was wondering where you've been and what you've been doing! I see now that you've been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!! I miss you and your posts! Have a great week end!!!

Diana Fisher said...

That all sounds like so much fun! Love the ladder and stuffed animals sleigh. I LLLOOVVEEE that you did her room in lights! Might have to steal that one for next season. Have a great holiday season!!! :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

WOW!! You have been busy!! LOVING all the photos! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)