Monday, December 22

Baking, baking & more baking, oh & a package!

I've been busy... yesterday, I did some shopping for my baking gifts and got started on them... I was just about to start making my first batch of cookies when the mail-lady came and there was a package for Rainee (& Champ)... from... the Gingerbread Girl... Rainee has fallen in love with our viewer and our viewer has fallen in love with her...

Anyway, in the box was her homemade gingerbread cookies and all the fixings for Rainee to make her own gingerbread boys and girls... and she had such a blast... I piped the outline... but after that it was all her... I think they turned out pretty great... she still has more to do, but she wanted to save some for tomorrow...

So, thank you sooooooooo much Joyce (Gingerbread Girl) for being so thoughtful... Rainee really treasured it... it made her day... all she kept saying is - - I got a package... did you see I got a package!!! She was very happy... Thank you for making my dd day!!!

As for me... I was thankful for the package... because it kept Rainee busy while made my first batch of cookies... chocolate chip...then my second batch... peanutbutter kiss cookies... and my pie crust. As or today??? I have more baking to do... one more batch of cookies... Snickerdoodles....and then the mini pies... in mason jars - - apple and cherry.

Then I'll be all done with the gift buy/making... I have to package them all up and put boww and ribbons on everything... but that will be a breeze!

I hope you all have a wonderfully yummy day! And Joyce, thank you again!!!

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