Tuesday, December 23

ABC Book Of Rainee

My friend Marikay has made a few of these ABC books for her grandchildren... and I fell in love with the idea & inspired me to do one for Rainee. So, I've been working on this little "ABC Book Of Rainee" for a bit now and I'm down to the last little details... I'm trying to have it ready for Christmas day... for her to open.

She's seen me working on something, and she's seen some pictures, but she doesn't quite get it... I'm excited to give it to her. It will help her not only continue to learn the letters she doesn't know but help her relate to the ones she does. Since Rainee was 9 mos. old I've been working with her to do sign language, so I thought if appropriate that I put the ASL hand symbols on her pages... so she can continue to learn it as she learns her alphabet.

Anyway I wanted to share a few pages with you so you could see what else I've been up to. I hope it inspires you to do something special for the child in your life, like Marikays first ABC book inspired me. Thank you Marikay!


Karen said...

Wonderful! What a great keepsake for her! She can pass on to her children someday! Blessings!

Jenny said...

wow! such a lovley book! I think I might make one myself!
Thank You!
Merry xmas!

cath2891 said...

This is a wonderful idea :) Great way to record and remember all the wonderful things you see everyday :) Beautiful!

vickisscraproom said...

Hello my beautiful friend!

I have actually been wanting to make my granddaughter, Lila, an ABC book and possibly a number one in Spanish as well. She just turned 2 last week and knows her ABC's and can count to 11 in English and Spanish... wouldn't that be fun!? Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Looking forward to getting back into scrapbooking mode again!

With Love,