Wednesday, September 10


I'm a little behind on things, but here is the freebies for this week... These are great freebies and the font this week fall-ish... I've added new free... it's a Photoshop brush for all you who love something new for your scrapbook pages.

Here's the freebie font.

Here's the freebie Photoshop Brush.

I'm in the process of editing the next video but will be putting the winner of the EverydayGive-Away on a quick video so there won't be any more suspense... and the next scrapbook video will be out soon... again no promise as to when that will happen.

This job relocation, has put everything behind. The drive takes up the extra time I'd spend doing all this fun stuff.... so, until I get into a good routine... or I'm layed off... be patient with me until I figure it all out...

Enjoy the freebies...

P.S. My friend Jen has freebie on her blog... check it out... enjoy

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Jen said...

Dude...LOVE the new design of your page...very stylish. I was very surprised and excited to see it...know that's been something you've been wanting to change. You rock! Miss talking to ya!
Hope you are well!