Thursday, July 30

A Day At The Beach!!

Yesterday we went to the beach, with our friends the Hawes's ... It was one of the nicest days... a bit cloudy with the sun peeking through every once in awhile... with such a wonderful breeze!!! We don't normally stay but a couple of hours, because I'm so fair and burn easily... but yesterday we stayed from 11am until 7pm... which made for a very very very long day...

Rainee, Katie & Ryan had the best time together... they haven't seen each other all summer so it was a real treat!!! The kids had the best time... playing in the water, making sand castles, throwing the frizbee, shell hunting and of course eating, eating, eating!!!

At one point in our the day, Rainee came running over to me with her hands out all excited saying... 'LOOK MOMMY! LOOK MOMMY!' to which she proceeded to hand me a starfish... which was ALIVE... squiggling in my hands... and I proceeded to scream (ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!) and drop on the towl.... Everyone thought my screaming, it was just the funniest thing ever... and she ran off with Steve to get a bucket of water and sand for it... she was soooooo excited!!! Hopping all over the place... saying, 'Look what I found!!! Look what I foun!!!'... it really made her day!!!

Of course I didn't get a photos of either of us holding it, because it all happened so fast... and Steve is just not the picture taker!!! But I did get some pictures of the little guy in the bucket... and lots of pictures from our day... It was the best day...

Monday, July 27

What's Your Favorite...

On '', Julie and her dt have a favorite color challenge which you can do whatever you want... a scrapbook lo, a card, an off the page project.... just do it in your favorite color...

Here's mine... I love love love red... don't know what there is about it, but it makes me feel happy and all warm inside... for this challenge I did a card...
(Materials: Paper: DCVW, Making Memories, the Paper Co., My Minds Eye, Stickers: K&Co, Chipboard hearts: Deluxe Designs, Foam shapes: American Crafts, Stamp: Glitz Design)

Sunday, July 26

Peanut Butter & Jelly NO Jelly

Recently when I was going through my photos for the 'Rainee-bear show' layout I found several pictures I haven't scrapbooked yet... and I KNOW there's still a boat load I haven't even glanced at in some time...

These are some of those long lost photos, plus one cute little Rainee-bear phrase I just love...

Ever since Rainee was introduced to the sandwich and the pb&j... she has for some odd reason just not been a fan, at all, of jelly... doesn't matter what kind it is... and to this day she just doesnt' like it... which is weird in my eyes, because she usually loves anything sweet... tell her it has sugar in it and she goes for it... ANYWAY... as the story goes... whenever Steve or I would ask her if she wanted a pb&j sandwich - she would give us this look and say her famous phrase... 'Peanut Butter Jelly NO Jelly'.... with the emphasis on the 'NO'... this of course we already knew, but it was so cute when she said it, we just had to hear it whenever we could...

I'm so glad my last bit of photo hunting... brought back some fun old memories... and although it's taken me bit to get around to doing this little Rainee-bear phrase... I love that its finally down on paper... What about you??? Do you have some old memories you haven't look at for awhile? I think, even if you don't have time for a layout... it's good to go back and remember some sweet memories... and take a few notes so we don't forget.

(Materials- Paper: DCWV, Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich Sticker: Creative Imaginations, Ribbon: American Craft, Buttons: Joann's, Sticker Letters: Jillibean Soup, BoBunny, Clip: Making Memories, Tags: Jillibean Soup, Bingo Card: Jenni Bowlin, Pen: Jellyroll, Pigma)

Saturday, July 25

FREE Big Picture Scrapbooking Class!

I just love Stacy Julian and how she makes scrapbooking super simple. On her 'Big Picture Scrapbooking' website right now, she has the Self-Paced Projects class for FREE!!! Who doesn't love a deal??? I know I do! So, I signed up today! An added benefit is... I can do the class whenever I have time.... and time is hard to find with kids, hubby and everyday life. I'm so excited to start.... Anyway, I wanted to share this with you and hope you have time to take advantage of it!!!

Thursday, July 23

Rainee-bear Shows!

I wanted to do a unique page to capture something Rainee is leaving behind... a reminder to her, little things in her life matter! Little moments of change pass by us every day... and this one, is just one I had to capture...

These last few months, I've seen how much she's changing... not just her age, or height or weight... but in her interests... I'm so blessed to have this time to watch her grow... and change. I don't know about you, but time seems to be passing in a blink... and I don't want to miss a moment of it!

I knew the time would come when Rainee would leave her cartoon shows behind and be saying hello to different interest... I can't believe it... but it's here! I've been anticipating it for awhile... so it's a bittersweet thing... sad to see these 'friends' go...yet, excited for her and what lies ahead. This layout is to honor the 'friends' Rainee made... the things she's learned and the laughter they've brought into our home. 'Rainee-bear Shows' just had to be assembled together with their own milestone moment on paper.

Even these last several day while downloading pictures of her 'friends'... I've seen her remembering...these long lost friends... there's been excitement in her eyes for some of her constant friends... which she'd watch over and over and over again.... and others... which she forgotten completely... Doing this layout has been a joy not only to do, but also to watch Rainee as she enjoys the putting together of it... and this page would not be complete if my little artist couldn't put her 2¢'s in about where some friends should go on the page. It was fun watching her process it all...

As for the title... "Rainee-bear Shows"... I don't know when it started or how... but somewhere along the way, when Rainee wanted to watch a show... they were called... "Rainee Bear Shows"... and it just stuck. (I think it's adorable!)

Doing this layout has now inspired me to do another... one of her first movie videos... you know the ones... Lady & The Tramp, Lion King, Mary Poppins and Peter Pan... those movies that filled my heart as a child and then Rainee's... I can't wait to start it!

Thank you so much for stopping by, and remembering along with me one of the everyday moments that is coming to a close in our house. I hope your everyday moments fill you up, because they pass too quickly!!! Have a lovely day!

(Materials - Paper: Creative Imaginations, DCWV, Sticker Letters: Jillibean Soup, BoBunny)

Saturday, July 18

What Is Your Age By Chocolate Math???

Okay... who doesn't love CHOCOLATE??? When I got this cute email from my friend, Lizzy, I thought it would be fun to share with you... It takes less than a minute... you can work this out as you read... seriously it's too fun! Now, don't tell me your age... I wouldn't want you to lie... that's between you & the Hershey Chocolate Man! Here goes...

  1. First, pick the number of times during the week you'd like to eat chocolate... more than 1 time but less than 10.
  2. Multiply this number by 2.
  3. Now add 5.
  4. Multiply it by 50... get a calculator if you need to...
  5. Now, if you've had your birthday add 1759... If you haven't, add 1758.
  6. Now subtract the four digit number of the year you were born...

Now for your answer... You will be left with a three digit number... the first number is your original number (ie: the number of times during the week you'd like to eat chocolate)... and the next two numbers is YOUR AGE by chocolate!!!

Didn't I tell you this was going to be fun!! Now, since it's the weekend... go on... have some chocolate...

Thursday, July 16

Everyday Observations

1. You are just loving the pool... you're getting so great at swimming... before the end of summer, you'll be swimming like a fish. You don't want to get out... even when your shivering... you just want to play with me and swim!

2. Ever since we got Champ you want to be the first one to greet him in the morning. You love giving him good morning hugs and kisses... you can't wait to give him breakfast... you sure love him... and you can tell, he sure love you back.

3. You love going to the movies... and you wait all week for those 2 days at our local theater's free summer film festival... It's been a great way to cool off on a hot summer day... and enjoy the day with mom.

4. You have your first CRUSH... Joe Jonas... Camp Rock!!! It's been so much fun watching you scream whenever you see the Jonas Brothers... weather it's on the Jonas show, a commercial, or mini concert on mommy and daddy's morning shows... you are rockin it. It's fun to see your dad 'pretend' he hates them... that no boy is good enough... it's fun watching you two banter back and forth... it's adorable.

5. You have all of a sudden really liked watching regular shows...not cartoon so much anymore... but regular shows... especially iCarly... it really makes you laugh... no matter how many times you've seen an episode... you still enjoy it....

6. I love that you are dancing all the time... making up some and using them all the time to make me laugh... or when some music comes on... you start rockin... it's amazing what you come up with... you're such a great dancer!!!

7. As for you bad days... you do have them... but you've begun to realize that if you do a 'do over' you can start your day all over.... as if the bad part never happened... it's such a great example to me for when I'm having a bad day... you're such a wonderful kid...

8. You are testing your boundaries with more food choices and allowing yourself to see how great things taste... you're newest favorite is watermelon.... yummmmmm. You also know what is healthy and what isn't... You know the rules... you can't have anything sweet unless you've had something healthy... your newest sweet treat is one of your yogurts frozen like a popcycle... because it's sweet and healthy... mmmmmmm!

9. You love to talk about anything... your favorite place to have a conversation is on the front porch... you enjoy the cool of the day there and have a great conversation with mom or dad... you're growing and I'm so proud of you!

10. You are enjoying the time we share right before you go to sleep. Me reading books to you has become something you can't get enough of... you have your favorites, that we read every night... and the ones that rhyme you are starting to memorize and say along with me... it' just the cutest! You've even started making dad come in (when he's not working) to enjoy this time together.

Tuesday, July 14

Does This Ever Happen To You???

Why is it, that whenever you're not busy... all is well with the family. But the moment you're start doing something... ANYTHING... cleaning the house, scrapbooking, making dinner or talking on the phone... everyone needs you.

I'm just curious... am I the only one this happens to??? Does this ever happen to you? Why do you think this happens?? I'd love to know....

Monday, July 13

Double The Give-Aways!!!

On Wednesday, July 15th, Hero Arts is launching a new look plus many more fun things!!! In celebration, on their blog, there will be DOUBLE prizes, games, ideas, giveaways!!! There is always cool stuff happening on their blog! I'm excited and thought I'd share with you!!! Check it out!

Saturday, July 11

What's New???

It's been a few days since I've blogged... I've had a lot going on here... and have only had a few moments here and there so I've been Twitter-ing!

ANYWAY.... I have lots of news news news - a new card - and something new to Rainee, but very old...

My uncle Milo was diagnosed with prostrate cancer last weekend and passed away yesterday. It all happened so quickly, it's had me in a bit of a tailspin. My uncle Milo was married to my aunt Alice (my father's sister) and just celebrated his 75th birthday last month. The last time I saw him was at the family reunion in 2006. Both, he and my aunt were just glowing with happiness... I'd never seen them sooooo happy. He will be missed.

More News: My cousin, Ronnie, who we just saw on our trip to South Dakota is is the hospital... and they are doing lots of tests on him to find out what is going on with him...Rainee is particularly sad about him, because they had such a great time together when we were there... in the middle of doing (whatever it is she's doing) during the day, she stops and says we need to pray for cousin Ronnie... and we do... Praying he will be okay!!!

CHA News: I'm not going to CHA this time... too far... boo hoo!!! But, I'm very excited... because I've been asked to do 3 layouts and a project for Creative Imaginations with some of their new products!!! How cool is that!!! And can I just say, I'm loving the sneak peek! I'll post those lo's after CHA, so you can see the products and what I did. Right now I have 1 layout and the project done... but I still have 2 more layouts to do... so that's what I'll be working right on! Very fun!

Etsy News: I signed up today... to have a little shop on Etsy. I still have to get the photos together, but I will be selling some things there soon. VERY excited about that!!! I'll post the link when I've got things up... but for now, just excited to get it started!!!

My New Card: I found this stamp (k&co) at Michael's (on sale), the little bird was too cute... I just had to make a card as soon as I got home... A Tweet Cherry Note!
(Materials: Paper: DCWV, Three Bugs In A Rug, JilliBean Soup, My Little Yellow Bicycle, Rub-on: Creative Imaginations, Stamp: K&Co, Punch: Fiskars, Ink: StazOn)

Something New For Rainee (but very old): When I was child (and even now)... I've always enjoyed making gifts for others... so, now after many, many, many years... my friend Joan (September Tea) has sent Rainee, this stuffed aardvark I made for her... about 32 years ago. He lost his glasses, but otherwise he's like new and he's so cute! He traveled with her wherever she moved and now he has a new home with Rainee... as Joan said... to enjoy for his next 32+ years! Thank you Joan!!!

Rainee is always so excited to get something in the mail... but today... today, she got a package!!! Arnie the aardvark, you should have seen her when she found out the package was for her... and then once it was opened... she just couldn't stop giving him hugs... and she found him a place to sit... now you know he must be special, because she put him right next to her Jonas Brothers (Camp Rock) pillow!!! Too too cute!!! Thanks again Joan... it really made her day!!!

Tuesday, July 7

Tweet Tweet - Twitter...

Twitter. What do you think of it? I have to tell you... you need to sign up for Twitter. I also downloaded TweetDeck, which is soooooooo great!!! It updates my Twitter and Facebook at the same time... which can save so much time... I can go to TweetDeck to see what's going on both of them... I love it!!!

The thing I like about Twitter, is people share more links there than on Facebook. People link to great ideas, inspiration, etc. It also a bit less overwhelming. If you haven't started tweeting, I would recommend it. Even if you don't want to tweet, you can follow people and learn lots. You can find me HERE.


Rainee is so cute... all her little phrases have a way of making me smile and completely cracking me up... till I'm rolling on the floor!!! I just have to share a few with you because they were just too adorable... today's favorites:

• Soup's on... BHAY-BE!

• If you copy everything I do mommy, you'll become a kid just like me... try this... to which she proceeds to do a little dance and shakes her behind! Mommy, now you try!

• Do we need to talk about this... AGAIN?

• How come daddy always has money, and you don't?

• This is seriously refreshing! AHHHHHHHHH!

My Friend Jen...

My friend, Jen, at just launched her new store. I am so proud of her!!! I wish her great success!!! I hope you'll stop by her store and add her to your list of digital places to shop!!!

Congratulations Jen!!!

Saturday, July 4

Happy 4th of July!!!

We're off to the local parade... for lunch we're going to bbq some burgers, have my famous photo salad, then some sweet yummy watermelon. We'll also be spending some time in the swimming pool. Tonight... we're off to the local fireworks show!! A very full day of enjoying the holiday.

Have a happy 4th of July! ENJOY!

Friday, July 3

A Couple Of New Layouts... Plus A Card!

Does that happen to you - or is it just me??? You start a project with an idea in your head.... which you're super excited about, then when you start to put it on paper, it just doesn't come together.... and you work it... get frustrated... and work it some more until all you can do is scrap it and start over...

Well, that's what happened to me with this "WISHES" lo... I wanted to use some photos of Rainee & Steve skipping rocks (from our vacation), but but I just couldn't make it come together...

But now can I tell you how happy I am that I did scratch the origianl idea and started fresh... I just love what happened... I LOVE the Piggy Tales Sliding Doors. Oh my goodness... what fun are they... I love the peek-a-boo effect of it all... it's just so fun!!! So when all is said and done... scratching a project and starting over can be the best thing you can do... it was for me...
Here is Rainee celebrating her 5th birthday with her papa... it's not of the big birthday bash, we do with her (and still planning of course doing) but this moment is special... because she was able to enjoy it with her papa... I know, for me, it's a memory which will last forever...

My 'envelope card'... this is actually one of those string enclosure envelopes... which I didn't want to just put journaling in or decorate it and send it off to some one... I wanted to do something different... and this is what I came up with... I love the closure and how the flap holds the gift card... a little different, yes?

Anyway, that's it for now... Here's hoping you have a super fab day...

Wednesday, July 1

Disco Glitter Technique

I really like the look of glitter, but I REALLY don't like it getting everywhere... so I did a little playing around with it this weekend and came up with this for my Disco Baby layout, because I wanted the circle (for the O) to look like a mirrored dance ball. And here's what I came up with!!!

First best results, make sure all your chipboard images are the same color.... I covered mine with a black marker.

1. Using clear embossing ink, ink your chipboard.
2. Put your embossing powder over the ink.

3. Heat it, until all the embossing powder is melted.
4. When it's cooled, reink your chipboard with clear embossing powder.

5. Pour your glitter over the inked images.
6. Reheat your chipboard.

What happens is embossing powder is reheated, and the coat of clear ink and glitter fuse themselves together with the embossing powder. I was surprised at how much less my glitter mess was! YEAH!! Which is
great if you're like me and don't want glitter EVERYWHERE... but still want to use it...

Now, I used silver embossing powder, but you can do this with ANY color embossing powder and glitter. Have some fun with your glitter!! Let me know what you think!