Friday, June 26

Have A Great Weekend!!!

Well Rainee and I are going to our once a month scrap group tomorrow. We all take turns having it at each others homes... and tomorrow it's at Jane's house. Rainee's really looking forward to spending time with her daughter... and me I love seeing my friends - catching up on our lives - and of course scrapping...

Although, I usually I have great intentions to get lots of pages done... and I usually walk a way with maybe one done... I seem to socialize more than I scrap...

Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend... here's hoping I get something done. Ta Ta for now...

Monday, June 22

Yeah A New Video!!!

I've been a bit behind getting any videos out... what with packing, moving, unpacking, getting settled then going on vacation... It's been hard trying to do everything... whew... I'm looking forward to doing more things now that we're pretty much settled. Right now I'm just happy I have a new video done!!! Yeah!

On this video I did a card using a Double Stamp Resist Technique. This technique is great to make a background for cards or scrapbook pages. I love how the texture stamp shows through the embossed image. Click here to watch video...

Materials: Paper: DCWV, Creative Imaginations, Stamp: Stampendous (texture), G Studio (cupcake), Stickers: DCWV, Color Pencils: Stablo, Embossing Powder: Stampendous, Ink: Ranger Distress Ink, Top Boss Clear Ink, Marker: Marvy Brush Markers, Ribbon: American Craft, Adhesive: ThermoWeb, Tombow, Glue Glider Pro

Sunday, June 21

Happy Father's Day!!

Steve, you're a great father... Rainee & I hope you have a wonderful day!

Saturday, June 20

My Little Graduate

Well, Rainee officially graduated from Pre-K on Friday! All day she could stop talking about it... she couldn't wait to show us what they'd been up to. The graduation was really sweet... they sang songs and of course had a procession to get their daploma's. She was so excited!! Now she keeps saying is I'm a Kinder now mom... too cute!!! And me... I can't believe how quickly the time has gone by!! I feel really blessed that I've had these last months with her... I feel very lucky!!!

Card Making Frenzy

June is one of those months which is over flowing with special things going on... I sat down and thought it was only going to be a couple... then as I got started... I became overwhelmed with how many I needed to make... the worst part... I still have more on my list to make... so I've been on a card making frenzy... Here are just a few of the ones I've finished...

Saturday, June 13

What's New!!

Let me set the stage for this story... my husband has been looking at motorcycles since we got married... but never really could decide if he REALLY wanted to get one or for that matter which maker to get. And every time he decides he hears about a horrible motorcycle accident and decides it's not for him... Then, I' d say in the last couple of months, he's been visiting the Harley shop regularly... gazing online at the motorcycle he wants... basically drooling... and yesterday on one of his many visitation trips... he just did it. Yikes!

He called me while he was at the Harley store and said he was going to go through with it... At first I thought he was joking, but when he called later to verify our auto insurance... I knew it was really happening...

So, when he got home... he tells Rainee... and she goes ballistic... she's super excited and looking for it... and he tells us it's being deliverd tomorrow at 10am... then he pulls out all kinds of stuff from the dealer... Rainee is diggin' it, puts on the Harley t-shirt and then puts on Steve's helmit... and here's me...sitting in quite disbelief that he really did it!!

Fast forward to today @10am... the Harley arrives... and Rainee can't wait to get on it... she's, I think, more excited about the bike than Steve... and she just had to take a picture alone on the bike... she's cute... but what she doesn't know is mama is NOT going to let her ride that thing!!! But I'm sure over the course of time she'll see what I mean when I say... NO WAY...NO HOW...NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!

As for me... in my younger years, I did date a guy with a Harley... and went on a several of rides with him... I even bought some Harley boots (which I still have and to this day... LOVE LOVE LOVE)... but I've been over the whole motorcycle/Harley thing for quite some time... and now... I really don't know how I feel... still in a bit of shock... but I do have to say... even though Rainee ain't gettin' on that contraption... she sure looks cute as my little Harley Girl...

And that my friends is what's new with us... what's your opinion??? Do you have motorcycles? Do you let your kids ride with dad??? Or are you like me... there ain't no way... I'd love to hear what you think.... Thanks for sharing!!!

Tuesday, June 9

Jillibean Soup Layouts!

Well, Here are a few more things I've done with the Jillibean Soup products... if you've never seen or used any of their product I really would go check out their blog to see just how very, very fun they are!! I think I'm in love...

mini golf... this was the first time Rainee had been mini golfing and she didn't really get the game... but that's okay... so we just hit the balls... we had a great day... one to remember!! On the layout I used the mini golf score card for my journaling... and I tried to make the brads seem like 'golf balls'... it doesn't matter if they look like them or not... at least I know what they are. Tee hee!
Paper: JilliBean Soup, Tag: JilliBean Soup, Rub-ons: DCWV, Letter Stickers: JilliBean Soup, Brads: Misc.

US... This photo is actually taken of us on our Mac computer in iPhoto Booth... it has some fun settings to do some funky photo techniques... and I just loved the large dot pattern... it reminds me of a cartoon... totally different... I cut out the butterflies from coordinating paper and I think the polka dot paper finishes off the look..
Paper: JilliBean Soup, Bazzill, Tag: JilliBean Soup, Letter Stickers: JilliBean Soup, Brads: Misc.

Crazy Hat Day... Rainee's school seems to do something fun every week... and this was one of them. She had already worn her 'really crazy hat' earlier in the year... so decided to go a bit conservative on this one... I just love the photo of her... and she looks sooooooo adorable in that cute little hat!!!
Paper: JilliBean Soup, Tag: JilliBean Soup, Rub-ons: Creative Imaginations, Bingo Card: Jenni Bowlin, Letter Stickers: JilliBean Soup, Flower Sticker: Creative Imaginations

As always thanks so much for stopping by!! Leave a comment and tell me something crazy about your day!
Have a fab day!!

Jillibean Soup!

Whoo hoo!!! Today, some of my work is showcased on Jillibean Soup blog as part of their Wednesday Soup Spotting feature!! How fab is that? Their paper is so playful & the journaling 'little sprouts' are just the cutest!!! Check it out... and let me know if you fall in love too!!

Blogoversary Winners!

Rainee and I got involved with reading books and before we knew it we were both asleep..... so I didn't get a chance to post the Winners of the Blogoversary!! Sorry! Thank you all for being apart of my blog life... It's been a really fun year and I'm looking forward to this next one!

Thank you all for playing along! Here are the winners:

One person will receive a gift certificate from

KarenK said... Oh year already? Great!! My fav thing about blogging is having a format to immediately tell your story. - Karen

One person will receive a gift certificate from House of Three.

JustJoan said...Happy Anniversary EverydayME! My favorite thing about blogging is connecting with other bloggers with interests similar to mine and being inspired everyday. What a wonderful community! Sending you lots of love and good wishes...Joan

One person will receive some mini stamps.

Gingerbread Girl
said...Congratulations Michelle and Rainee!I love blogs because I learn so much and meet so many! A BIG Thank you for you do and have done! LUVS and HUGS- Joyce

One person will receive some mini stamps.

Jill W.
said...Thank you BOTH for letting me come into your scrap world!!! Wonderful blogoversary & Happy scrapping...TFS!!! ~Jill

Congrats to you all... KarenK
, JustJoan, Gingerbread Girl, and Jill W. please email me with your contact information.

Saturday, June 6

Blogoversary Blog-Candy! Come Celebrate With Us!

I can't believe it's the 1st Anniversary of my EverydayMe blog... WOW! A year already!!! I want to thank you all for following along with me... my everyday life, my scrapbooking and my little YouTube videos... Thank you!!!

So, one year ago I had just finished doing my first YouTube video & thought I should start this little blogaroo. So, I figured since Rainee loves any excuse for eating a yummy dessert, I'd give-away some fun stuff this is a great day! Happy 1st year blogoversary from 'EverydayMe'!!!

Now to celebrate... Rainee is going to eat this yummy eclair but don't be jealous because you get something even better! The first one is a gift certificate to, one of my favorite places to shop!! The second is a gift certificate to House of Three, I just love what Heidi Swapp, Rhonna Farrer & Janet Hopkins have done with digital, it's just the coolest place!! Lastly from my give-away stash, I have 2 fun little clear stamp sets for 2 of you!!!

Now back to the celebration... Just leave a comment with your name & your favorite thing about blogging to win 1 of the 4 blog-candy give-aways!! YAY! We'll be picking the winners on Monday night before we hit the hay to catch some z-z-z-z-z's!!!

Thanks again for hanging out with us on our little blog!!!

Thursday, June 4

A Couple Of Layouts!

Here are a couple of layouts I did right before we went on vacation.... which I've been trying to get up for the last couple of days... Hope you're having a simply delightful day!! {{HUGS}} M

Vacation's Are Wonderful, But It's Good To Be Home!

Well, vacation is over and it's time to start getting back to our every day life again. I don't know if this happens to you after your vacation, that you actually need a vacation from the vacation. This is where we're at... we're all a bit tired, taking naps and laz-ing around, it's been very helpful to get us all back to normal.

As for our vacation... we couldn't have asked for better weather... it was in the 70's & 80's... with a few light showers.... and well one rainstorm we could have done without... but we were traveling that day, so the only thing it effected was how long it took us to get from one place to another. But over all it was a wonderful vacation.

Seeing my dad was the best! He hasn't been too well of late, but when we got there he looked much better than expected. Praise God. And Rainee... she was soooooo happy to see her papa, it was a beautiful sight to see them together.... chatting and playing with her toys... it brought tears to my eyes.

The whole trip was fabulous, but there was only one thing I felt bad about... we were driving WHOLE DAY on Rainee's birthday! Our trip was planned so last minute that it wasn't until Steve and I both thought about it, that we realized we'd be driving on her birthday... but she was a real trooper!!! We gave her plenty to do to keep her busy... what with movies, games, books, coloring, toys, watching for deer, cows & pheasants, shopping for a special birthday treat and of course there was ice cream! It may not have been the best way to spend her day, but she didn't complain. We did however have a 5th birthday dinner with papa and cousin Ronnie the night before... and of course we had cake!! And papa helped her blow out her candles!

We traveled from one end of the state to the other... First to see my dad in Roslyn/Grenville then over to Rapid City to see Mount Rushmore. The last time I was there, I was in high school and it was pretty much just dirt all around and this amazing sight of Mt. Rushmore. But now... now, they've made it into a proper monument... At every turn you can get a different view... it was breathtaking! I think I must have taken nearly 300 pictures of just the monument.

After our time with my cousin Gary, we were back on the road to Roslyn/Grenville to be back with my dad. There, we spent lazy days with my dad... taking walks, having an afternoon nap, and picking dandelion bouquets to make wishes on.

It really was the best vacation we could of asked for... It was hard for me to leave my dad, I miss him soooooo much, but I do know he's in good hands... another reason to Praise God.

Weather you're right next door or far away from a loved one, I hope you get the opportunity to share some everyday moments with them real soon, they really are the most delightful way to spend the day!!